We believe that TrueCrypt is a great piece of software and use it to protect our confidential data.

Using Keyfiles overcomes lots of problems (key loggers, multi-ownership etc.), it does however have one big flaw.

If you lose your keyfile or it becomes corrupted your data is lost.

One solution is for there to be a set of "Standard" keyfiles that are publicly available and widely held.

If your keyfiles then become lost or corrupted you simply go onto the web and download a fresh pristine set.

Thus the problem is solved.


Here are the Standard Keys

Standard KeySet AAA (30 Mgb)
Standard KeySet AAA Hash Document
CommuniCrypt Quick Hasher

There are 10,000 keys in the set, each is a unique file that has been encrypted with Blowfish and so gives a high level of random characters and uses more than just standard keyboard characters.

Download the KeySet (a zip file) and unzip the whole contents into a folder and retain the whole folder (thus, no-one knows which files you are using).

If you wish to check the authenticity of a KeySet obtained from another source please use the CommuniCrypt Quick Hasher program to verify the hash of the zip file.

You should continue to use an encryption password as well as the keys.

We suggest that you use 5 keys. We are not mathematicians but have been informed by those in the know that by using 5 keys from a choice of 10,000 provides :

8.33 x 10 to the power of 17
(hundreds of quadrillions)
potential "5 key mixes"

Which we feel is pretty safe.

Keyfiles are similar to your password, forget which keyfiles you have used and your data is lost.

This concept works best if these keys are widely available, so if you wish to add them to your web site or put a link to here please do.

Naturally, we can accept no responsiblity for your use/mis-use of these keys, or how they may impact on any aspect of your business or life. This is solely an exercise in providing 10,000 files, what you do with them is entirely up to you.

To ensure integrity, we have stored a copy of KeySet AAA on a CD. For £10.00 you can be posted a copy CD.

Please use the administration link on the contact us page.